Information on the Club and Area

The Opel Manta Owners' Club was formed back in 1984 and is still going strong today. Unlike elsewhere in Europe, the Manta was not so common in England due to Vauxhall being the GM dealer and not Opel. All Opel Mantas were imported into the country. The club caters for all models - Be they Modified or Standard. That goes for the members as well, young, or old. The Midlands area is one of the largest in the club. Roughly speaking it covers an area from Wolverhampton in the west to Northampton in the east, Tamworth to the north down to Banbury in the south. We do try and hold meetings over most of the area but unfortunately as all three of the area reps are from the M6/M1/M40 triangle, events do tend to be within about 11/2 hours drive from here. Check out the Events page to see where we are next and come along if you can.

Your Area Reps.

Paul Brennecker
Paul helps out and has been doing so for the last 15 years now. He also looks after the club goodies, and is the OMOC UK. Vice Chair person.
He usually can be found at most Midlands shows with some regalia for sale when he is not polishing his i200!


Chris Collier
This is me. Iíve owned a Manta for 30 years now , 25 of which have been spent as a club member.
I started to get involved in the running of the area about 18 year ago with Paul. We set up the Area pub meeting and helped each other out a lot!
I set up this web site in 2000 and continued to help out in the area until 10 years ago when I steped into the role of OMOC UK. Membership Sec.
I steped down fron the membership role 3 years ago, but still help out with the running of the the club.


If you require more info.about the activities in the Midlands, or the OMOC UK. in general.

Please E-mail:

Paul    Club Regalia , OMOC UK. Chair Person.

Chris    OMOC UK. Membership Sec. , Midlands Area Web Site Author,