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This is a selection of photos that have been sent in to me by area members.

If you would like to see your car on this site, please email me some pics with a few details about the car.

Remember Jackie's Manta ?

Well it's going through yet another transformation. Keep up the good work, Mick !

Carlton GSI 3l 24v engine, electronic auto gear box, digital dash.......the list goes on.

The following pics were sent to me from a fellow Manta nut in Italy, He has written a song called " The Manta's Shuffle" Check out the link to his site and hear it for yourself.

Hi, my name is Stefano Arcangeli, I'm 31 and I live in Milan, Italy. I'm the proud owner of a red '88 Manta gsi that i recently purchased from a guy who had hinerited it from his father... can you believe it? he didn't like the car and he bought a fiat punto instead... Well better for me, he sold me the car (that is in perfect shape and with only 70.000 Km on the clock!) at only 1.500,00 and I only had to change oil, air filter and fill her up. There is a little more about this story... When I first saw and tried the car was last september and at that time I was writing the last few songs for the first album of my band (we play rock blues). When I saw the car I fell immediatly in love with her and as I got back home I wrote "Manta's shuffle".

Not so long a go when Kev was moving house, he sold me a lot of his garage equipment. He said he didn't need it any more because " He was not doing any more cars, only general servicing, that why he only what'd a single garage at the new house " Well a couple of weeks ago I had a phone call from Kev " Can I borrow the engine crane I sold you ?"
I always said it wouldn't last, once the modifying bug bytes it never goes away.

Another 24v conversion in the Midland, who's going to be next ?

A few new pics of Kevs car with its new paint job.

.An extract from " The life of Mojo" by Graham Taylor.

..........the once responsive engine had lost a bit of its grunt and was not as quick as it could be. I had a choice. I could get another GT/E engine and replace the one fitted, or look for something a little better. After talking to a few people and considering ease and economy (if it can be considered in a Manta) I opted for the 2.2 Carlton conversion, however, fate was to play a cruel trick (on the face of it).

I could not find a 2.2 Carlton anywhere and always seemed just too late (ask Mick Maher Joe Greaves or John Wainman) when 2.2 lumps were going and so my now rattling 2.0 lump was kept in employment as long as it would last.

Suddenly, out of the blue, Chris Collier received a phone call from a fellow in Loughborough with a brand new 2.4 bottom end. The clouds lifted and the sun shone down on Mojo

A swift visit with Clive and I was a 2.4 block richer. After persuading Clive to transport it back to Leicester in the boot of his B coupe (I hope it hasn't done any lasting damage to it Clive) it went into Mojo's boot.

Fate was again to step in favourably as Chris T decided to go the 16v route instead of his 2.2 (suddenly they all came out of the woodwork again) and sold me his stage 3 head.

Round to Chris Colliers with engine bits, spare engine for ancillaries and Mojo was ready for a new power plant.
After much trouble, 6 weeks and 3 head gaskets it was ready at 2.00am on the Sunday of Performance Vauxhall Show 03 at Santa Pod (15 June). After less than 3 hours sleep it made it there and back and has been running well ever since (touch wood fast!)........

" The Rainbow Warrior" Jim's mat black manta has been under going a little work.